Finally Finished and Ready to Share!


After 32 years of homeschooling my nine children, the youngest has graduated high school and is headed to Bryan College in the fall.   I do not regret one single year of homeschooling, but I would definitely do a few things differently if I could go back in time and start all over again!  On the other hand, there are more than a few decisions made during my  homeschooling years that I would definitely repeat if I were to do it all over again!

As I travel and speak to groups I meet many homeschooling moms needing both encouragement and advice. It is my hope that sharing what I have learned over the years will provide ideas for how to homeschool successfully and joyfully!  I have created both a Facebook Page and an introductory short video for a series which will be entitled “Finally Finished and Ready to Share.”  The plans are to make many more short videos, add to the blog, and continually update the Facebook page.  Fee free to share any of this with your friends!

As the Homeschool Specialist at Bryan College I published a free e-book for parents of high school students filled with information for guiding students to succeed in college. For a free copy of this e-resource fill out a request at this link.  I also love to teach workshops when out-of-town depending on the location and my schedule.  Email me if you would like a list of the workshops I offer.  Each spring and summer I attend several homeschool conventions, conferences and college fairs.  If you would like a list of locations, contact me!

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