Important Links



ADA Accommodations in College

A Third College Entrance Exam? Yes, please!

Child Not Reading? Do Not Stress!

Choosing Courses for a Successful High School Experience

College? Yes or No? If yes, what major?

College Test: All You Ever Wanted to Know, but Never Thought to Ask

Dual Enrollment: A Great Opportunity, but Not Without Dangers

Encouragement for the New Year

Finally Finished and Ready to Share

Finishing the Year Well (or maybe not)

Halloween: Yes, No or Maybe So

Nine Children, Nine Different Paths

Raising Entrepreneurs

Secrets Revealed

Starting the School Year with a Bang or a Fizzle

Summer Reading Plans for Mom

The PSAT and Why it is Important

The What, Who, and Why of the FAFSA?

Write an Essay and Win Four Years Tuition?

Articles written by Pat:

Plant a Seed, Grow an Entrepreneur

Preparing Your Teen for Life

 What Would Happen if You Did Not Teach Your Child to Read?

Ready for Launch: Preparing Teens for Life After High School

Raising Great Communicators the Co-op Way (2002)

Free e-resource for planning your student’s high school years:

CLT college entrance exam (alternative to ACT and SAT):

Dual enrollment at Bryan College:

FREE Master’s at Bryan College:

Worldview Initiative Bryan College:

Bryan College campus visit request (choose a date):


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