Why Sending Your Child to a Secular College Could Lead to Negative Outcomes

As a Christian parent who has homeschooled your children, you have likely invested significant time and effort in shaping their values and beliefs. You have instilled in them a strong foundation in the Christian faith, and have guided them in living a life that honors God. However, as your children approach adulthood and begin to make their own decisions, you may find that their choices conflict with your Christian values. One such decision that can cause significant conflict is sending your child to a university whose teachings are opposed to your worldview. This is not to say that a Christian who attends a secular college cannot succeed. They can. Two of my sons completed their education on secular campuses for varying reasons, and neither one had a crises of faith. Both were older and married when they completed their education and I believe their maturity contributed to their ability not to be swayed by opposing worldviews or peer pressure. On the other hand, I have quite a few friends whose children attended a secular college immediately after high school with repercussions that were heartbreaking.

Attending a university whose teachings conflict with your Christian values can lead to a crisis of faith for your child. During their time at college, they will likely be exposed to a wide range of ideas and worldviews that may challenge their beliefs. This can be especially difficult for young adults who are still developing their own worldview and sense of identity. If they are not well-equipped to navigate these challenges, it can lead to confusion, doubt, and even a loss of faith.

When the teachings at a college are directly opposed to your Christian beliefs, the result can be a disconnect between your child’s values and their actions. In other words, they may begin to live a life that is inconsistent with the values you have taught them. They may begin to engage in behaviors and activities which are not consistent with Christian values. This can cause significant stress and conflict for both you and your child.

A breakdown in family relationships can happen when a child’s values and beliefs conflict with those of their parents, and that can lead to tension and conflict within the family. This can be especially difficult for Christian families whose faith is often a core part of the family’s identity. If your child begins to question their faith or live a life that is inconsistent with your values, it can cause significant strain on your relationship with them.

Sending your child to a college whose teachings conflict with your Christian values could be a poor choice with negative outcomes, leading to a crisis of faith, a disconnect between your child’s values and their actions, and a breakdown in family relationships. As a Christian parent, it is important to carefully consider the values and beliefs of any college before sending your child there. If you do choose to send your child to a college whose teachings conflict with your worldview, it is important to equip them with the tools they need to navigate these challenges while staying true to their faith. Remember, your child’s spiritual well-being is more important than their academic success, and you don’t want to forfeit one for the sake of the other.

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