Introduction to Personal Finance: A Must for Every Teen

Copy of Copy of StheD_OrientationDon Blanton, co-author of the book Personal Economic Model, has designed a three hour college course that will help students understand everything they need to know about the financial world. Using visuals that are interactive, this course takes you from questioning, “Why work?” to helping your student plan wisely to lead a productive and responsible life from high school graduation to retirement (and past retirement age for those who do not choose to retire).

Luke Morris, who has taught this class on campus for Bryan College, has more to say about the class in a short video here.

This Introduction to Finance is different from most financial programs in that the course includes access to a variety of financial calculators designed by Blanton, a test to help the student discover their strengths and weaknesses, and the acknowledgement that a wisely used credit card and certain loans are not always a bad thing (he also explains how students can do this correctly).

Many  homeschooling families include financial classes in their students’ high school schedule yet most of the classes available do not include college credit! After students complete their sophomore year of high school, as long as they have earned a 3.0 GPA or higher, they can dual enroll with Bryan College and take on-line classes four times a year (fall, spring, and two summer sessions) with a $200 scholarship per class! (For Tennessee residents the scholarship does not apply until the TN DE grant is used.) Earning college credit while taking a class that prepares a student for life after high school is a win/win!

This course includes videos, access to financial calculators and software, discussion forums, assignments, quizzes and tests. Dual enrolled students with Bryan College need not be on the computer at a specific time of the day, allowing each student to determine their own schedule as long as assignments are completed on time.

Donald L. Blanton is the owner and president of MoneyTrax, Inc., a company dedicated to the development of innovative communication tools for professionals in the financial services industry. MoneyTrax, Inc., was founded in 1994, and has gained national recognition for its unique and easy-to-use client-centered financial software through the Circle of Wealth® System. Don is a nationally sought-after seminar speaker, addressing the top financial planners in the country who utilize his unique communication style and tools to work with their individual clients.

Out-of-state students receive a $200 scholarship per class. Tennessee students receive the same scholarship once the DE grant is used. Connect with Bryan College’s Dual Enrollment to find out more! If you would like a code to waive the application fee for dual enrollment, email me at