Write an Essay and Win 4 Years Tuition?

students meeting and writingYes!  You read that right, but time is of the essence.  If your senior has applied and been accepted to Bryan College (submitting a score of ACT 21 or higher) then he/she will be invited to a special scholarship event taking place the first weekend in November!  The event is free of charge and each participant will receive an additional $200 40 $2,000 in scholarship money, up to a full ride!  The amounts awarded will be based on interviews, auditions, and an essay (written on campus)! Those qualifying for the honors program receive additional funds!  Families are encouraged to attend this free event as well. A reception is planned for those attending.  If you have a senior who has not yet applied, but may be interested in this event, email me at pat.wesosolowski@bryan.edu.

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